Dension Mercedes iPod Auxiliary Input Adapter

Dension Mercedes Benz 1999-2004 iPod Auxiliary Input Adapter GWL1DB1

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Product Description
Gateway Lite is a new, simple to use interface that will be the standard entry level product for both iPod and USB integration in cars which cannot support text.

No menu structure to remember or complex operations to perform, just plug in the iPod or USB and select CD6. Music is now played through the car audio system.

Gateway Lite can accommodate iPod (with a dock cable or cradle) or USB, but to keep selection easy, there is no facility to switch between them. Whichever device was plugged in last is the one that will play.

Control of the iPod is from the click wheel and all functions will operate as normal, however the skip buttons on your radio (or steering wheel) can be used to move forward and backwards through your tracks. The device will also charge while it is plugged in to the Gateway Lite. If your USB device has a folder structure, or playlists, these can be accessed by selecting the corresponding CD number on your changer controls, up to the number of CD's your changer control is capable of handling, i.e.CD1 will play folder 1,CD2 will play folder 2 etc. 

Product Features

  • Full iPod Control and charging.
  • Connect and control a USB storage device.
  • Control USB folders using CDC controls.

    Compatibility Notes


    Vehicle Application

    1999-2004   Mercedes C Class

    1999-2004   Mercedes CL Class

    1999-2004   Mercedes CLK Class

    1999-2002   Mercedes E Class

    1999-2004   Mercedes M Class

    1999-2003   Mercedes S Class

    2000-2004   Mercedes SL Class

    1999-2004   Mercedes SLK Class

    Vehicle Specific Mercedes Notes 

    • 2003 Mercedes S Class - Not compatible with Command system.

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