Pie CHRY-AUX Chrysler Auxiliary input adapter 1995-2000

CHRY-AUX Chrysler Dodge Jeep Auxiliary input

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Pie CHRY-AUX  Chrysler Dodge Jeep Auxiliary input adapter 1995-2000

Pie chry-aux  interface for Chrysler Radios,  This adapter lets you input audio from any portable audio device iPod iPhone Android phone Mp3 player, DVD, and satellite radio through the Chrysler Jeep Dodge sound systems, by converting the factory CD-changer input  into an auxiliary input port.
Chrysler Dodge Jeep Auxiliary input adapter. 
Radio must be one of the following CD-changer controller head unit.
5-Preset radio with 5-band Eq disc and disc on preset 1 and 5 and mode button.
6-Preset radio with bass and treble slide controls "Direct disc select" 1-6 Printed above radio. Presets and "Mode/Eject" button 8-Pin din at head unit. 


1995          Chrysler Lebaron

1995-1998  Chrysler LHS

1995-1996  Chrysler New Yorker

1995-2000  Chrysler Sebring

1995-2000  Chrysler Town & Country

2000          Chrysler Voyager/Grand Voyager 


1995-2000   Dodge Avenger

1995-2000   Dodge Caravan

1995-2000   Dodge Dakota

1998-2000   Dodge Durango

1995-2000   Dodge Grand Caravan

1995-2000   Dodge Intrepid

1995-2000   Dodge Neon

1995-2000   Dodge Pickup

1995-2000   Dodge Ram

1995           Dodge Spirit

1995-1996   Dodge Stealth 


1996-1998   Jeep Cherokee
1996-1998   Jeep Grand Cherokee
1997-1998   Jeep Wrangler


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