Toyota Tacoma Tailgate Camera EV-TTAC

Toyota Tacoma Tailgate Camera EV-TTAC

Price: $249.95

Toyota Tacoma 2009-2013 Tailgate Camera EV-TTAC

Echomaster EV-TTAC 2009-2013 Toyota Tacoma Truck Rear Reverse View Back Up Camera

This helpful back-up camera is the perfect tool to ensure that you know exactly what's behind your vehicle. See everything and be safe at all hours Vision feature! Camera features a wide angle lens that captures the area not visible to standard rearview mirrors. The camera replaces existing tailgate bezel.

  • Image type: 1/3 Color Camera, Lens: 150° diagonal
  • Resolution: PAL 628(H) • 582(V), NTSC 628(H) • 512(V)
  • Vibration Resistance: >5G, IP68
  • Operating Temperature: -30°C to +70°C


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