Cell phone control block text

Cell Phone Control Block Text

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  • Cellphone  CLCTRL Bluetooth  Block text messages using gps if the vehicle is moving
    • cell CONTROL safe driving system for cell phones  CLCTRL
    • Disables use of unsafe cell phone applications while driving text and phone calls
    • Active technology blocks the use of text messages, email, phone calls and more
    • Automatic activation when vehicle is in motion to create safe driving environment
    • Easy installation just plug and play to the obdII port 1996 and up vehicles
    • Provides text and email notifications to you if unit is tampered with
    • you will know when your kid removes the device

    Driving and texting are really a bad idea. In this era of technology and information it can be hard to resist the urge to stay connected, even while driving 65 MPH on a crowded highway. If you’re guilty of over-checking your phone, or have a teen who you want to stop from texting and driving

  • this device will help you blobking their smart phone from texting or making phone calls if the vehicle is moving

  • no montly payments

  • works with Android  Blackbery Windows Symbian S60 , not compatible with iPhone but some customer make the device work downloading 2 programs 


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