Lexus iPod iPhone interface integration

Lexus 03-09 iPod iPhone interface DUO-101-TOY

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Lexus iPod interface DUO-101-TOY

Lexus iPod integration solution for iPod iPhone Sirius.
This iPod kit includes everything needed to connect an iPod or iPhone to your Lexus factory radio system. The interface delivers great CD sound quality with balanced audio design and creates a seamless interconnection between the portable devices and the factory Lexus system of the vehicle. Text display is available on Lexus radios 2003 and up The interface also delivers integrated control from the radio, steering wheel, and the connected iPod
The Duo also keeps your iPod and iPhone charged and ready to go. If using and iPhone you can also stream audio from internet services like Pandora, Livio radio, and online xm Sirius.


Connect your iPod, iPhone or Sirius satellite Radio
Bring your iTunes collection to your car on your iPod or iPhone. Both will offer the same
features and level of integration while the iPhone will also let you stream and listen to music through 3G/4G. A new edition to the Silverline series is the ability to retain factory Sirius satellite radio or add an aftermarket Sirius radio
tuner using the SC-C1 Sirius Connect tuner.



Balanced Audio Design
The Lexus iPod interface is level matched to your factory sound system. For example when switching from your CD source to the iPod, the audio level will remain constant. Line level audio output ensures that you have pure, unaltered audio ready to be amplified by your radio.


Livio Car Internet Radio more than 45,000 your car 
The great part about the Duo is that it is never outdated. Simply connect it to your PC through USB to update the firmware whenever a new version is available. Updates will include support for new iPod models, integration with new apps and support for new Lexus radios.


Quickly access your Favorite Hits
The optional remote package makes it easier than ever to navigate the songs on your iPod or iPhone.
Featuring shortcut
buttons designed to easily navigate through playlists, artists and albums and Sirius presets.


2005-2009 ES300,330,350

2005-2009 IS250,300,350

2006-2009 GS300,350,430,400h

2003-2009 LS430,460

2003-2009 LX470,

2004-2009 RX330,350,400h

: 1-for radio with integrated satellite tuner (may be indicated by an XM logo or having Radio button instead of Sat the kit must be used in CD Mp3 mode.
Note: 2. to enable Sirius.compatible tuner (sc-c1) not included kit must be in Sat mode.

For more information call 1-800-727-1466


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