Dice Lexus 2003-2009 USB iPod Sirius Bluetooth

Dice Lexus USB iPod Bluetooth MB1500-TOYOTA

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Dice Lexus 2003-2009 USB iPod Sirius Bluetooth

The Lexus Toyota Media Bridge is an entertainment and information connectivity device that is offered in two
configurations providing connectivity for Bluetooth hands-free and music streaming, USB digital
connection for iPod™ and iPhone™, direct connection for USB Flash based mass storage devices
and the aftermarket Sirius™ Satellite Radio tuner and portable radios. MediaBridge is made for iPod
(MFi) and works
with iPhone (WWi) compliant allowing a full featured iPod iPhone experience over
USB in the Toyota Lexus. The MediaBridge audio circuitry is designed
to meet or exceed the sound 
of any premium audio system.JBL Toyota Mark levinson Pioneer

Digital pleasure to your ears
Digital USB audio and level matched audio output to vehicle’s factory radio. This means that the
MediaBridge will provide the best sounding connection possible for your portable devices.

Plug it in
A solution to connect many of your portable devices. Have an iPod? Want to hook up your USB
drive? How about your portable
satellite radio tuner? With the Lexus MediaBridge, this is easy!

Who's playing that song?
Find out by glancing at the screen of your car’s radio. The MediaBridge will display the song, artist,
album and playlist titles so you don't have to keep guessing. This also makes navigating through
your songs a simple task, using only the controls on your Lexus radio.

Need even more content? Get Sirius!
Is there such a thing as too much content? No way! But when you’re up for a little change and want
to move out of your own music collection, its good to have options. Connect to a satellite! By adding
a SC-C1 SIRIUS Connect Vehicle Tuner, your vehicle will become SIRIUS ready. This will let you
connect any SIRIUS plug and play receivers featuring the V-Dock (universal) port.

Safe Driving Integrated .Bluetooth .Mat.
With all the new gadgets available for your car these days, it’s easy to get distracted. Also,
many states require the use of hands free devices for cell phones. With features like text
display, Bluetooth hands-free connection for supported devices, integrated controls and
MAT, the MediaBridge helps you keep your eyes on the road. DICE’s Music Announcer
Technology (MAT) announces the name of your songs and caller ID information.
(Bluetooth features are only available with the BT-1500 model.)

The Bluetooth feature can also be used to stream music from A2DP capable Bluetooth
devices. Artist and song are displayed on the radio and the songs can be browsed using
the buttons on the car's radio on select Lexus radios With the MediaBridge for Toyota all
of the connectable devices can be controlled from the Lexus radio or steering wheel
controls on vehicles where its available. Going to the next song is easier.
With the Lexus MediaBridge all of the connectable devices can be controlled from the radio
or steering wheel controls on vehicles where its available. Going to the next song is easier.



Compatible iPod models: Users manual: view/download

No Bluetooth support:
Lexus Application

2005-2009   LEXUS IS250/300/350

2005-2009   LEXUS ES300/330/350

2006-2009   LEXUS GS300/350/430/450h

2004-2009   LEXUS RX300/330/350/400h

2003-2009   LEXUS LS430/460/600h

2003-2009   LEXUS LX470/570

Note: 1- Radio must support CD, Mp3 or Sat text. If the kit is used in CD mode, external Cd
changer must be disconnected. If kit is used in Sat mode, factory satellite must be disconnected.
Note: All - Full text display is supported.

For more information call 1-800-7271466 
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