Pie JAGW-AUX Jaguar 2000-2002 Auxiliary input adapter

Pie JAGW-AUX Jaguar 2000-2002 Auxiliary input adapter

Price: $85.00

Pie JAGW-AUX Jaguar Auxiliary input adapter 

Jaguar audio input adapter, this aux interface will allow you to input audio into the Jaguar factory car stereo. The interface will plug into the CD-changer cable in the trunk or glove box CD-changer needs to be unplug the auxiliary kit
allows you to listen to an external audio device Mp3, iPod/iPhone through the factory Jaguar car stereo no more sound degrading FM modulator, transmitter, or tape adapters this is not a universal part the interface was made to be used on Jaguar's type vehicles, you can also plug the auxiliary adapter behind the factory radio use:  Jag-Aux

Fits :

2000 2002  Jaguar s-type (radios with external CD-changer controls)


NOTE: 12-Pin data cable in trunk.
Not compatible with 2003-2004 Jaguar's-type.

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