Pac AAI-MAZ Mazda Auxiliary Audio Input Adapter

Pac AAI-MAZ Mazda Auxiliary Audio Input Adapter

Price: $79.95
 Pac AAI-MAZ Mazda Auxiliary Audio Input Adapter  

Adapter Installation Location:

The AAI-MAZ connects to the 16-pin connector on the back of the factory head unit. 

Compatible Radios:

The AAI-MAZ is compatible with the select 2004 to 2006 CD changer control head units.


As vehicle manufacturers continually introduce updated radio models there may be instances where the interface is not compatible. Please contact Technical support if you experience any problems. Have all radio model numbers, vehicle information and symptoms ready when you call.

Multimedia/Auxiliary Input:

The RCA audio connections on the AAI-MAZ provide an audio input to your Mazda radio for use with any device that has RCA line level outputs. This feature is perfectly suited for Multimedia devices such as VCRs, DVD's, Game Systems or TV tuners. Portable music players such as MP3, MD and CD players can utilize this input as well. 

Multimedia/Auxiliary Input with Aftermarket CD Changer

To activate this input you simply need to attach the GRAY wire from the AAI-MAZ to a toggle switch that will ground the GRAY wire when selected. When the GRAY wire is grounded the CD changer will be automatically paused and audio from your auxiliary device will then be heard. When the GRAY wire is ungrounded CD changer operation will resume where it left off.

Multimedia/Auxiliary Input without Aftermarket CD Changer

The AAI-MAZ can be used to activate a Multimedia/Auxiliary input without the presence of an aftermarket changer in 2 different ways; but first, connect together the two ends of the brown loop wire. 

1.Activation using negative ground. Permanently attach GRAY wire on the AAI-MAZ to negative chassis ground. Be sure to insulate the ORANGE wire to insure it does not come in contact with chassis ground.
2.Activation using positive turn-on. If the Multimedia/Auxiliary device you are using is equipped with a 12V turn on output, connect it to the ORANGE wire on the AAI-MAZ. Once the Multimedia/Auxiliary device is powered up, the AAI-MAZ will become activated and allow the audio signal from that device to pass through. Be sure to insulate the GRAY wire to insure that it does not come in contact with chassis ground

Special Instructions:

The AAI-MAZ allows the 6 & 10 disc CD changers to function exactly as a factory CD changer would. To function properly with a 10 disc changer the magazine must be fully loaded with a disc in each tray. 

Compatible CD Changers:

Sanyo EAX-510, Audiovox SP6CDS, SP10CDS, SP11CDS.



Vehicle compatibles:

2004-2006   Mazda 3

2006+         Mazda 5

2006+         Mazda 6


For more information call 1-800-727-1466

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