Cadillac CTS SRX Corvette iPod interface aux input

Cadillac CTS SRX Corvette iPod PA15-VETTE

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Cadillac CTS SRX Corvette iPod Interface  PA15-VETTE 

Cadillac iPod iPhone interface adapter for Cadillac CTS and Cadillac SRX Corvette radios.
The iPod input interface will allow you to use the Cadillac Corvette radio to control your
iPod iPhone. The Cadillac radio screen will display iPod/iPhone information album name,
artist name, song title, playlist the iPod adapter can work on 3 modes direct mode,
folder mode, playlist mode. You have full controls of your iPod/iPhone from the Cadillac
Radio steering controls or the iPod controls, the sound quality is crystal clear and it also
charge your iPod including iTouch and any generation iPhone.This interface plugs into the
factory XM tuner, Cadillac Corvette radio must have XM or be XM ready and pre-wired.
It can also, be use to input auxiliary input. If using an iPhone you can also, stream music
from internet services works for navigation and regular radios.
Supports Pandora
Internet radio,
Livio radio, i-Heart radio, and  Sirius XM Apps!

Corvette iPod/iPhone interface  works for all GM radios single CD, CD changer and navigation
will show iPod iPhone text on all 3 radios
corvette radio

PA15-VETTE iPod adapter Cadillac Corvette stereo system. The sound is crystal CD clear, using this
iPhone iPod adapter
you can control the songs and volume using the buttons on the Cadillac  radio,
or on 
the steering wheel. Don't be locked out of your iPod by other adapters, this adapter allows
you to use the iPod iPhone controls to navigate through your music collection from your Cadillac
This adapter will also power and charge the iPod while in use, 12 volt fire wire and 5 volt
USB for
new iPhone iTouch all from the same cable. All 
you see is one single cable plugging
into the bottom of the iPod. You can also, add a second Aux audio device using the RCA jacks
for Mp3 cellphones or any other portable
audio source.
How it works:
Cadillac vehicles have a connection in the trunk for XM or the XM tuner is there SRX  right side behind
the panel CT's driver side under the rear
deck near the speaker. This adapter connects at the XM tuner connection and allows the  radio to recognize the iPod/iPhone like a second XM tuner or XM2. This is not
an FM transmitter or FM modulator!
Directly connecting your iPod is the only way to get that digital quality
sound that you desire. All of the necessary cables
are included, we ship the latest units with the update software, there is no extra cables, like other sellers try to make you believe free now will cost later. We send all the cables and some extra and new iPhone cables.

The iPod adapter comes with the correct plug to simply plug the adapter into the XM tuner connector.
There is no cutting  splicing of wires necessary. Includes installation cables,mounting screws and  user's manual. Plus DVD player, satellite radio or other audio device can be used in conjunction with
the iPod through Aux audio input jack.
Connect, Control, Charge, and Play an iPod through your Factory Cadillac CTS SRX Radi

Plug-and-Play Harnesses for easy Installation. 

Cadillac Radio Operates the iPod just like a XM.

You can also use your iPod to select tracks & play lists. 

Adds additional Auxiliary Input for a DVD Player, Portable Satellite Radio Tuner, or Mp3 player. 

True Digital Quality Sound through Factory Cadillac  Radio.

Access and control up to 5 different Mobile playlists.

Song Up / Down / Shuffle / Random Controls.

Unlimited songs per each mobile playlist. 

Auto Memory Feature locates last Song played on each playlist. 

Auto Skip 10+ Songs in each playlist with Factory CD-changer fast forward button. 

Auto Charger Feature Charges iPod Battery and automatically stops after 1 hour of non-use  will charge all
new iPod's 5 volts USB.

    3 different modes to control and play iPod: Direct Mode, Folder Mode, & Playlist Mode.

    Folder Mode:
    Access iPod's 4 folders, namely Artist, Album, Playlist, & Songs, from the Cadillac radio.

    Playlist Mode: Operate and control iPod like it is a CD-changer or Cadillac XM radio and access iPod's Playlist from the radio.
    Direct Mode:  Search and select music on iPod just as you would in portable use. Complete access to all the contents on iPhone and iTouch. 

    1 year Warranty. 30-days full refund or exchange

    Interface is the new version with Latest software update:  10/4/2014. Buy from a USA SPEC authorized dealer. 

    Compatible Vehicles:


    2004-2007   Cadillac CTS  

    2004-2007   Cadillac SRX

    2003 Cadillac radio needs to be XM ready or the Radio needs to be flash for XM at the dealer


    2004-2010   Chevrolet Corvette iPod interface

    2005-2006   Chevrolet Equinox


    • Equinox and Uplander without XM require CAS-GNOX2 cable (must order separately).
    *Vehicle must have Xm or pre-wired cable for XM
    PA15-VETTE  User Manual works with any radio single CD or 6 CD
    For more information call: 1-800-727-1466



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