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Why do thieves LOVE factory alarms? because all the vehicles are the same

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Breaking into your car takes seconds!!

Thieves LOVE factory alarms because ....

they are IDENTICAL

(for each model and year vehicle)

and can be defeated in a matter of seconds.

Turn Off Almost Any Factory Alarm in 30 Seconds

Any Factory Alarm that can be turned off with the driver's door key switch

can be turned off by a thief in 30 seconds or less!

Here's How ...trong>

What happens when you unlock the driver's door with your key? Simple ... a micro switch

in the door sends a ground pulse to the Factory Alarm "disarm" input. The wire that transmits this

ground pulse is located in the driver's door harness. In the case of a '97 Dodge Dakota Truck,

for example, the wire color is black with an orange stripe. To turn off your factory alarm, all a thief

has to do is 1) Slim Jim your door open, 2) Pop the rubber boot and expose the driver's

door wire harness, 3) Attach the alligator clip of a test light to the vehicle's chassis (ground) and

touch the disarm wire with the test light's probe for 1 second. The factory alarm will turn off

and the thief will take your car. Simple ... piece of cake .... and a perfect example of why

Factory Alarms cannot protect your vehicle.

Another Example ....

If you think your 1996 Lincoln Continental is protected by your Ford Factory Alarm ... guess again.

It can be defeated by simply removing 2 fuses in the driver's area fuse box. Pulling fuse A silences

the car horns. Pulling fuse B disables the starter kill system. Punch the ignition and drive the car away.

Total time = 30 seconds.

And another ....

If you think your Factory GM VATS ( vehicle anti-theft system) will protect your Trans Am, think again!

When you have the correct ignition key, the VATS system grounds the starter solenoid and you can

start your car. A professional thief can bypass the entire VATS system by simply grounding the

same starter solenoid wire with a jumper.

And another ...

My friend was bragging about how his '93 V.W. Jetta had such a great Factory Alarm, so I thought

I'd show him how long it took me to turn it off. He "armed" the alarm via the driver's door

"lock" / "unlock" key switch. To disarm the alarm, I simply opened the door (simulated "Slim Jim"),

popped the rubber driver's door harness boot, located the "green" alarm disarm wire,

attached the "clip" side of my test light to 12 volts at the car's fuse box, touched the "probe"

side of my test light to the "green" wire and "Waaa Laaa"....the alarm was disarmed.

Total time = 20 seconds!

Every Factory Alarm System can be easily bypassed with a little research.

If a thief wants to steal 1996 Honda Civics, he can study one Civic's system and can steal them all.

If he wants to steal 1996 Nissan Maximas, he studies one, then can steal them all.

Factory wiring diagrams are readily available for thieves to use. Critical alarm components are mounted

in identical locations in vehicles of the same model and year, making these cars easy pickings for the pros.

AND ...

Most Factory alarms do not have shock or glass break sensors. This means thieves can break your

windows or tow your car away without even tripping the Factory Alarm.

When you really think about it ...

After market alarm systems offer the best protection.

The Best Protection you can buy for your new vehicle is a

Custom Installed, high quality, after market alarm system

that thieves know nothing about.

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